Press release: AVTE Manifesto on Machine Translation


Audiovisual Translators Europe releases Machine Translation Manifesto and advocates for a more nuanced approach to the use of artificial intelligence in audiovisual translation.

  • Machine Translation is the hot topic of the translation world in 2021.
  • While useful in some cases, MT is not the end of human translation.
  • AVTE gives some perspective and advocates for the ethical use of MT and a sustainable ecosystem moving forward.

13.09.2021 – 2021 is the year that has seen machine translation finally make its way into the field of audiovisual translation on a big scale. Many a service provider already calls this technology the end of human translation and professional translators a thing of the past.

While machine translation is certainly useful in some cases, the discourse, however, needs a more nuanced approach. We are far from seeing humans removed from the picture altogether and it is necessary to reevaluate their contributions to the process.

In its machine translation manifesto, AVTE explains the concept of the augmented translator who sits firmly in the driver’s seat and whose tools are enhanced by artificial intelligence. While the machine parses large amounts of data and presents relevant results to the expert, the world knowledge, expertise and creativity of the human can reach new heights of quality and efficiency.

Contrary to the (un)popular opinion that post-editing of machine translation is cheap labour, AVTE argues that with proper implementation this efficiency gain can improve the currently precarious working conditions of translation professionals and create the sustainable ecosystem the industry so urgently needs. 

Machine translation is not the end of the human translator – it is the beginning of the augmented translator.

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