Voices of Culture: AVTE selected!

AVTE’s successful application to take part in the European Commission’s dialogue with the cultural sector makes our federation one of the 47 participants selected from all cultural and creative fields. AVTE is also one of the seven participating audiovisual organisations and the only translators’ federation.

This dialogue is structured around three major themes:

• Income for artists and cultural and creative professionals, artists’ status

• Mobility of artists and other cultural and creative professionals

• Artistic freedom and freedom of expression

Called for by the European Parliament, the European Commission’s “Voices of Culture” involves three steps from March to June 2021, requiring each participant to answer a questionnaire on the three topics (by 24 March), take part in a “brainstorming meeting” (27-28 April), and produce a Brainstorming Report, to be presented to the European Commission at the Dialogue Meeting (29 June).

AVTE will defend and promote the interests of audiovisual translators: fair remuneration, decent working conditions, protection from exploitation by global localisation providers, defence of freedom of expression and translation, protection from censorship.

It will also defend audiovisual creators and their works by promoting high-quality translation as an indispensable way for audiovisual works to circulate within the European Union.