Why find your peers?
Translators of dubbing, subtitling, voice-over, localization and audio-description working on their own are alone and defenceless. They need friends and advisers both on national and international level.

Online lists and groups are fine and very helpful to find and exchange informations of all sorts, but an organization does more: it puts a face toyour profession, it makes you, as a corporation, visible, hence you have more chance of being taken into account. It also gives you the possibility to take action. That is why in every country there is – or should be – an association of professional authors/translators focusing on audio-visual translation.

Get organized!
There is no audiovisual translators organization in your country? Be proactive, you are not alone!
> Meet in the flesh
Meeting face-to-face is the best way¬†to create a strong link between people. So if you are a member of a translator’s list or group, ask colleagues with the same language combination as you where they live. It may be very near you. Then organize a meeting in a bar or any friendly place!
> Contact your national literary translators’ organization
In many countries, there are close links between literary and audiovisual translators. They are sometimes even the same people! At the very least, they should be able to give you good advice on how to found your own organization or start a section within their organization.

Make yourself known!
Do contact us. AVTE pools the experience of all its member organizations. If you are having trouble founding your organization, ask for our help – we have all been there too!

Professional organisation, what’s in it for me?

A short movie about the French association ATAA, subtitled in English by Ian Burley.