When Is a D&f for Contract Type Required

(i) For orders (including contracts with perpetual deliveries) and orders where the portion of the request executed on a temporal and material or hourly basis exceeds $1 million, the approval authority for the determination and determination of the contract is the principal contracting agent in the context of the contractual activity. This authority cannot be delegated. (a) Subject to subparagraph (b) of this section, organizations shall use fixed-price or fixed-price contracts with an economic price adjustment for the acquisition of commercial property. (b) The customer does not need to cancel the request if D&F supports the contractual measure as amended. (4) See paragraph 8.404(h) for the requirement for determination and determination when using the federal supply schedules. (a) A D&F class is entitled to a class of contractual shares. A class action may consist of contractual actions for identical or related supplies or services or other contractual actions that require substantially identical justification. 2. Where a supply contract of indefinite duration is awarded with services calculated on the basis of time and equipment or working time, contract staff shall also interpret the contract as far as possible in such a way that contracts can be awarded at fixed prices or at fixed prices on the basis of an economic adjustment of prices. In the case of such contracts, Customer shall perform the D&F required by paragraph (b)(2) of this Section for each order placed on a time and material or working time basis. The order is placed in accordance with Articles 8.4 and 16.5. (ii) determine that, at the time of placing or placing an order, it is not possible to accurately estimate the scope or duration of the work or to anticipate costs with a reasonable degree of confidence; A justification and approval (J&A) (FAR 6,303 and 6,304) are similar, but slightly different from a D&F. The requirement for a J&F is based on the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) (10 U.S.C.

2304 and 41 U.S.C. 253. It is similar in that it sets out facts that are submitted to an approval authority for specific review and decision. Although the requirement to complete a D&F can be found in multiple locations in the FAR, a J&A is explicitly reserved only if a contract agent wishes to enter into a single source supply based on (i) a single responsible source, (ii) an unusual and compelling emergency, (iii) industrial mobilization, engineering, development or research capabilities, or expert services, (iv) international agreement, (v) approved or required by law, (vi) and national security. A J&A is not necessary in any other situation. (i) The Service is acquired under a contract that uses – (iv) Describe the actions planned to maximize the use of fixed prices or fixed prices with economic price adjustment agreements for future acquisitions for the same needs. (A) determine and determine (D&F) for the contract in accordance with paragraph (b) (2) of this section (but see paragraph (c) of this section for contracts with perpetual deliveries) that no other type of contract permitted by this subsection is appropriate; FAR 16.601(d) requires Customer to comply with the following restrictions on a contract or order for time and equipment: (2) Any D&F required by paragraph (b)(1)(ii)(A) of this Section shall contain sufficient facts and reasons to justify that no other type of contract authorized by this Subsection is appropriate. The D&F must at least (c) The Customer must ensure that individual measures taken on the basis of the authority of a class D&F fall within the scope of the D&F.

(C) Where the total period of performance, including options, is longer than three years, the D&F established in accordance with this paragraph shall be signed by the contract agent and approved by the head of the contractual activity before the end of the base period. (1) A temporary and material contract or an hourly employment contract (see paragraph 16.6) may be used for the purchase of commercial services if- (3) If an unlimited delivery contract allows orders to be placed only on the basis of time and material or working time, the D&F required in paragraph (b) (2) of this article must be performed in support of the basic contract and must also declare: why another fixed or fixed price structure with an economic price adjustment price structure is envisaged. is not practical. The D&F of this contract is approved one step above the customer. The order is placed in accordance with Article 16.5. (e) The use of types of contracts other than those permitted by this subsection for the acquisition of commercial items is prohibited. (i) signed by the contracting entity before the end of the base period or any procurement option period; and (2) the base period plus any option periods must exceed three years. The authority of the Head of Contracting Activities to approve findings and findings cannot be delegated. (i) (A) Approval of the determination and conclusions for contracts of employment on time and material or hourly. Determination and Determination (D&F) (FAR Subpart 1.7) is a special form of written approval by an authorized official, which is required by law or regulation as a condition for the performance of certain contractual acts.

“Determination” is a conclusion or decision supported by “results”. Findings are statements of fact or justification that are essential to support the finding and must cover any requirement of the act or regulation. A D&F is usually for a single contractual action. Conclusion: Based on the general information contained in your question and my interpretation of the FAR/DFARS, it unfortunately seems that for the “part of the order” which is time and material or working time, a D&F is required. The key wording here is the “part of the order” of PARAGRAPH FAR 8.404(h)(1)(iii). .

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