AudioVisual Translators Europe is the European federation of national associations and organizations for media translators of all kinds.
AVTE coordinates efforts to promote our profession and create good working conditions for media translators. It promotes networking and the exchange of information between the associations and various EU institutions and legislators. It has become the communication partner to the relevant bodies on audiovisual translation issues, working diligently to make the profession more visible to European legislators and educating them on the importance of good audiovisual translation practices.

Audiovisual translation is the ultimate translation filter connecting European citizens and making the transfer of culture possible between all European countries. Quality professional translations makes cultural products accessible to all Europeans, providing a viable alternative to the otherwise all-pervasive influence of anglophone culture and maintaining European cultural diversity.

AVTE was founded in London in 2011 by the Danish, Polish, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Slovak, and British national associations and organizations. Our membership has since expanded to include the national associations from Croatia, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Germany.

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