AVTE meets with Netflix


On 13th Sept. 2016, representatives of the AudioVisual Translators Europe Federation (AVTE) met with an executive from Netflix, in Amsterdam.

During the extensive discussion, the Netflix executive declared that high-quality translation has always been a top priority for the company and that the competence of the translator is recognized as a key factor in the process of content localisation. Both parties believe that a continuing dialogue between Netflix and audiovisual translation professionals from AVTE can facilitate this process.

As part of Netflix’ commitment to give AVT specialists more visibility, the Netflix representative also stated that the company in the near future will no longer accept or make use of uncredited material, explaining it could take as long as 12-18 months to achieve and will happen faster in some regions than in others.

AVTE representatives expressed their keen willingness to share their expertise and experience with clients and agreed with the Netflix executive that an ongoing mutual exchange towards establishing common quality standards and working practices will be beneficial to all parties – it will contribute towards improving the quality, and thus audience reception, of localised content as well as the situation and status of audiovisual translators in Europe and beyond.