The Big Survey

Dear fellow translators,

You have certainly often wondered how you can help improve working conditions in our profession. Here is your chance to do your part!

AVTE has just launched the first European survey specifically aimed at audiovisual translators.

Why a survey? We all know it: data is power. For a few years now, AVTE has been in dialogue with some industry’s major stakeholders and European institutions. Yet we lack data to show the reality of our working conditions, to back up our demands and to implement solutions at a European level.

On an European scale, our status, working processes, rates and cots of living are so dissimilar, this survey could seem a hopeless project. It is not the case. Within AVTE, our national organisations have been in close contact for more than a decade, and we know there are enough similarities to try and draw a portrait of the European audiovisual translator. We also need to map precisely the sheer disparities within our continent.

So don’t wait up. Help us, help yourself, help your trade and take part in the AVTE’s survey.